Wednesday, 26 February 2014

iPhone 6 and its sapphire glass screen

What if a smartphone would be able to stand drops, strong strikes or even throws with the screen intact? I guess all of us would be happy. Well iPhone 6 seem to fulfill these expectations as it comes up with a screen made of sapphire glass. Apple has very powerful lasers to cut the sapphire wafer which they have grown, harvest and polished. Special lasers are required because sapphire is very hard and use of a conventional cutter would wear it quickly. Pretty good news for iPhone users that want to save some money but not care about their device as for an egg.

This technology has been used on iPhone 5 in the lens that cover the camera and also in the thin outside layer of the fingerprint sensor on iPhone 5S.
More sapphire glass?
We have been talking about iPhone till now. But we do not want to say that it’s the only area Apple will use its new technology. Maybe MacBooks, iPads, computers and tablets are some categories of products that will soon have an extra resistant screen made of sapphire glass.
We know nothing about the items we could wear but Apple has confirmed involvement of sapphire glass in the manufacturing process of Apple Watch. We hope to find out more about Apple’s intentions about sapphire glass because they are putting a new factory for sapphire in February right in Arizona.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Windows VS Android

You are undecided what to choose between Android and Windows? Guess what? Now you can have both.
The traditional strategy of Pc can be violated by Microsoft who plan to conquer the smartphones market.
The man from inside Amir Efrati reveals that the companies start talking with smartphones manufacturers about using both Android and Windows Phone 8 on devices. In the future consumers would choose to activate Microsoft Os for mobile or Google's Android.

In the past Windows had the same type of cohabitation with Linux in the PC’s ecosystems, so the move it's not something new for Microsoft. They hope that people will prefer Windows for smartphones like, in the past, they rather choose MS  OS instead Linux OS.
Rumors of "dual-OS" phone were registered since last year when HTC phones was supposed to run WP8 and Android.
OEMs are timorous when it comes to invest in platforms just for Microsoft, they prefer to stay stick with the Android "monopoly" which is a well know platform. But now being able to build one phone for both platforms Microsoft Os look like a good choice, massive benefits may resulting from dual-Os strategy in the future.
This advantage can increase Windows Phone’s market from 3.2 percent of the U.S. market where it is right now, and give consumers more Microsoft Os products where from to choose.
Official the Microsoft representatives refuse to comment.

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Done it and works very well...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Create a virtual Home button anywhere on your screen

We all know the history of the Home button on iPhones. For those who never had this unpleasant problem where or never heard of it I will shed some light on this matter, because of bad usage some Home buttons stop working. If you have the money you could replace it but if your warranty expires, are you ready to spend some cash? A solution to this is to use Activator and to trigger with a gesture the Home button function or you can simply install SPTouch. This tweak is from the BigBoss repo, and you can download it right away from Cydia.

After installation this will place on your screen a square with rounded corners simulating a virtual button of Home button. This small square can be placed anywhere on the screen. The settings for this tweak are simple. You get the usual toggle to enable disable this tweak, a resizing function, color setup for your button and also you can set the transparency.

Remember that this tweak is not entirely dedicated to people with this kind of problem; it is good if you find another use for it.